Tue February 26
08:30 am - 9:45 am

Is it equity, or debt, or both?  This panel will explore the many shades of grey between equity and debt – such as subordinated debt and convertible debt.  Hear directly from Cleantech entrepreneurs and a leading equity investor about how different growth capital solutions can be integrated to optimize a company’s capital structure, minimize dilution and accelerate growth.

Introductions: Tony van Bommel, Managing Director ICE Fund, BDC
Panelists: David Arsenault, CEO, Effenco  | Francois Rodrigue, Chief Financial Officer, GHGSat Inc. | Keith Abriel, Chief Financial Officer, CarbonCure | Shirley Speakman, Senior Partner, Cycle Capital
Moderator: Zoltan Tompa, Director Cleantech Practice, BDC


Vinci Room

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