Director, Climate Change Strategy – The Delphi Group

The Delphi Group

Term of Position: Full Time

Closing Date: November 24, 2021, 11:00 pm EST

Location: Flexible work arrangements, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria or Vancouver


The Director, Climate Change Strategy is responsible for providing consulting project delivery and management duties related to the development and implementation of climate change mitigation strategies for organizations in multiple sectors of the economy. The role requires excellent client support skills, including clear communications, research, analytical and strategic competencies, and an appetite for taking the initiative around opportunities as they present themselves.

The position requires an individual with 8-10 or more years’ experience (or combination of post- graduate degrees and work experience) working in the climate change and corporate sustainability field.

Delphi prides itself on being a purpose-driven organization, and we look for team members who embody our mission to “have fun while changing the world for the better”.



Project Delivery, Management & Coordination

  • Leading all aspects of client projects related to climate change strategy and implementation. Responsibilities may include leading client relationships; scoping project opportunities; designing project methodologies and deliverables; overseeing team members to ensure project delivery; and leading all aspects of project delivery, including leading research and data analysis, synthesizing findings, providing strategic recommendations, developing presentations, and writing reports, including the preparation of tables and graphs, excel- based or other tools, etc.
  • Lead projects focused on greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, target development, and mitigation pathways for achieving targets, including Net Zero and Science Based Targets.
  • Lead projects, with support from team members, on the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), including climate scenario analysis, and in the evaluation of climate change risks and opportunities, climate and energy policy, and conducting policy and technical analyses.
  • Lead and/or support project teams on conducting financial impact analysis related to climate change risk and opportunities to inform business strategy development and support reporting according to TCFD recommendations.
  • Coordinate with internal and client teams across functions, including with strategy, finance, operations, risk, government affairs/regulatory, communications and other business functions as needed to design and implemented climate strategies.
  • Undertaking large client projects with support and supervision from senior management.
  • Conducting stakeholder engagement activities, facilitation, consultations (workshops, roundtables, phone interviews, etc.), as required for project delivery.
  • Preparation of project timelines, budget preparation and reports on project progress.
  • Taking a lead role in maintaining ongoing communication with clients.
  • Maintain communication with project team, initiates team meetings when necessary, monitors staff efforts to ensure projects stay on budget and on time.
  • Tracking of ongoing market and industry trends related to climate change mitigation trends and net zero pathways – including intelligence gathering through a variety of means.


Team Management

  • Act as project supervisor for Delphi analysts across the company as required for the effective delivery of individual projects, ensuring the ongoing progress of activities towards achievements of objectives and expected results.
  • Embody Delphi’s corporate culture, motivating staff and participating in our corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Supervising staff through project teams and in a direct reporting relationship and ensuring the ongoing progress of activities towards achievements of objectives and expected results.
  • Maintain a leadership role and motivate staff while developing the corporate culture at Delphi.
  • Ensure that supervised staff are reaching their billable rates.


Business Development

  • Able to work with senior managers to secure partners and funding for projects, identify and pursue business opportunities.
  • Respond to RFPs, follow-up with existing clients on potential work discussed, follow-up with new clients on potential work discussed, develop initiatives.
  • Develop understanding and implement Delphi sales general approach to overall services (to be equipped with language, responsible for testing on clients).
  • Take a proactive approach to promoting Delphi’s accomplishments and projects through individual marketing, participation and presentations at related conferences and events, etc.
  • Develop business plans for specific service areas and contribute to strategic plans for the company.
  • Write and present proposals to prospective clients and contacts for engagements.
  • Meet with senior members in a client’s organization, develop project questions, and gain a deep understanding of the client environment and culture.



  • Experience with developing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for decarbonization and energy transition projects.
  • Knowledge of general corporate sustainability / ESG strategies and associated reporting and communication, such as familiarity with the Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, CDP, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Integrated Reporting, ESG rating agencies, and others.
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of climate change physical and transition risks (or opportunities) as they apply to high-impact sectors.
  • Expertise in developing and analysing climate change risk assessments, including through the use of scenarios and projections.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of normative and exploratory scenarios developed by IPCC and IEA and experience with interpreting and analysing data sets on climate related physical and energy transition parameters, including decarbonatization pathways.
  • Knowledge of major climate policy and regulatory developments, in Canada and beyond, such as carbon pricing mechanisms and sector specific regulatory obligations.
  • Knowledge and experience in the process of developing TCFD strategies and disclosures.
  • Experience leading interdisciplinary teams and highly dynamic work environments.
  • Experience leading and stewarding client relations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • 8+ years employment experience in the climate change field or 6+ years for candidates with a graduate degree in the areas listed below
  • A university degree in business, communication, environmental studies or related fields.



  • Climate finance or related expertise
  • Business development experience
  • Facilitation experience
  • Working knowledge in languages other than English
  • International expertise or direct work experience

Please submit your cover letter/resume through the recruitment portal at and complete the associated pre-screening assessment.  The pre-screening assessment examines a candidate’s experience/skills for the role and mitigates any unconscious identity bias during our initial screening process. During this assessment, you should avoid including any identifying information, such as references to gender, geographic location, nationality, and/or age.

If you pass the initial pre-screening assessment, your cover letter/resume will be reviewed by the hiring committee. The most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in an interview process with hiring committee members.  If you have any questions about this process, kindly direct your enquiries to