GLOBE Advance 2020: Accelerating and Scaling Social Purpose Business in Canada: How you Can Help and Why

At GLOBE 2020, the Social Purpose Institute (SPI) and GLOBE Series brought together leaders from diverse sectors for an outcome-oriented discussion at GLOBE Advance: Turning Social Purpose Dialogue and Vision into Action. The session was facilitated by social purpose experts Coro Strandberg, President of Strandberg Consulting, and Mike Rowlands, President and CEO of Junxion Strategy.

To learn more about Canada’s opportunity to place purpose at the centre of our economic recovery, read the SPI’s at-a-glance summary of the GLOBE Advance session: Accelerating and Scaling Social Purpose Business in Canada: How You Can Help and Why.

For a deeper dive into the Advance session and its outcomes, read the full Advance session report: A 2020 to 2022 Social Purpose Action Agenda for Canada.

SUMMARY (pdf)       FULL REPORT (pdf)


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