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February 25, 2016 | Blog

Check Out The Innovation Jam Hosted By Student Energy In Booth 1107

Student Energy’s Innovation Jam is where big ideas hit the ground running. This interactive session invites people from all fields, geographies, and generations to bring their wicked problems and dive into rapid-fire collaboration. We know what the world’s problems are, it’s time to launch solutions. The brightest business sustainability minds and the world’s most passionate youth will be at GLOBE. Instead of having them sit back and passively listen, the Innovation Jam will give attendees the opportunity to work together. Every participant will have the opportunity to pitch an idea, and dive into harnessing the collective brainpower of the audience to solve our greatest challenges. Innovation happens where perspectives collide.

Take Part in an Energy Simulation Game

Join Energy Futures Lab in The Natural Step booth as they host The Newtonian Shift – a facilitated role-playing simulation that allows players to experience decades of energy transition in one day.

Through dynamic and fast-paced experiential learning, participants are immersed in the country of Newtonia, which finds itself in the middle of an energy transition – energy must be supplied, energy assets developed, and grids upgraded. Energy Futures Lab: The Newtonian Shift is designed to glean insights about the emerging energy transition, develop empathy for various stakeholder challenges, and explore the behaviors, strategic decision-making and business models required for the energy transition that is underway.

Fun Things Are Happening on the Expo Floor, Here’s What Visitors Can Expect:

Fly Over Canada – Check out their booth and learn about the simulation ride. Anyone registered for GLOBE 2016 gets 20% off Fly Over Canada tickets.


BMW will display its i8 electric sports car, check it out above. Also, keep an eye out for the company’s i3 all-electric sport-utility vehicle.

Also on hand: the Electra Meccanica Sparrow, along with a Mercedes-Benz F-Cell vehicle, and more.

Canada’s Boreal Forest Agreement Giant Floor Map: This interactive map of Canada’s magnificent boreal forest is over 30 feet wide, demonstrating the boreal’s vast importance to Canadian and international economies.

Ocean Theme: A sub-theme of GLOBE 2016 is “Oceans,” and the importance of maintaining ocean health. The Vancouver Aquarium, TELUS World of Science, and others will be contributing to an interactive and educational display.

General Fusion: Feast your eyes on the company’s massive plasma injector. What’s a plasma injector? Come find out! (Hint: It could change the future of energy).

VeloMetro Mobility will be showcasing its Veemo-an electric-assist enclosed three-wheeled bike, seen below.


The Final GLOBE 2016 Innovation Expo Floorplan is NOW AVAILABLE.


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