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November 26, 2015 | Blog

The GLOBE Series Remixed.

The Road from Paris

A raft of new GLOBE Series partners will help make sense of the post #COP21 reality. Welcome and high fives to the international Institute for Sustainable Development, the International Emissions Trading Association, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – to name just a few.


The days on either side of the main leadership summit are now teeming with activities and special side events – think meetings, workshops, and roundtables. There’s simply no better time and place for your team to meet up.

More Fun

With big brands and whole economies committing and recommitting to bold action, there’s a lot to celebrate out there. We’re turning the fun up to 11 with live music, entertainment, adventures and day trips, cocktail shindigs, dinners, and more.

Featured Speakers: Infrastructure & Urban Development track.

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Zero Emissions, Big Business: How can the private sector help cities reach ambitious climate and energy goals?

How can private sector businesses prosper from locating in and collaborating with cities with ambitious energy and emissions-reductions targets? Global leaders in urban resilience will illuminate the emerging business opportunities in cities making the transition 100% renewable energy or zero-carbon goals. What are the advantages of creating robust municipal climate and energy policies? How do these policy targets help provide certainty for private sector investors? What role can the private sector play to help achieve or exceed those targets? Take away the latest intelligence on the mutual benefits of aggressive energy targets and the promising opportunities for business in Renewable Cities.

Smart Technology. Smart Cities. Smart Business. The Potential of ICT Innovations & The Grid

Welcome to the future of smart cities and robust grid technologies. Hear from government and business leaders at the forefront on how they are overcoming the barriers and benefiting from the implementation of smart city projects. Don’t miss this hands-on experience with emerging ICT and the unparalleled opportunity to learn about smart city business models and how to implement and scale up initiatives that have a positive impact on your urban environment.

Climate Cool: Designing and Financing Innovative Eco-Resilient Infrastructure for Cities & Coasts

More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. It is estimated that 90 trillion investment dollars is requried in climate-smart infrastructure over the next several decades, which creates tremendous opportunities for business and government to collectively solve infrastructure related challenges. What innovative financing models and mechanisms are enabling this investment around the world? What is the role of innovation in design, engineering, technology, and community engagement as we prepare for extreme weather events? Hear from key players on the role of investment and green infrastructure in catalyzing resiliency to meet the climate adaption challenge.

Wild Weather Forecast: Tackling the ‘New Abnormal’ in Canada’s Natural Resource Sector

More frequent and costly severe weather – from prolonged droughts to intense precipitation events – has become the “new normal” in Canada and beyond. Industry, governments and communities alike are grappling with this emergent source of risk for good reason. The cost of natural catastrophes worldwide is dramatically on the rise, introducing new and elevated risks to employee safety, infrastructure, supply chains, operational continuity and social license to operate. Leading natural resource development companies, industry associations, academic institutions and government agencies are taking severe weather more seriously. This interactive session provides a timely opportunity to learn, share ideas and collaborate on the latest developments in this area. Come join us!

Great Minds Think Alike.

Throughout the summit, market update sessions, sector updates and more will fill the Presentation Theatre in the Innovation Expo. These events are included in your Conference Delegate pass.

Join the collaboration towards Business Innovation for the Planet.


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