GLOBE Week – North America’s Pinnacle Sustainable Business Week

November 10, 2015 | Blog

GLOBE 2016 Conference and Innovation Expo will take place March 2-4 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, attracting thousands of participants who will gather and partake in this key event in the international calendar that brings together leading governments, investors, businesses, innovators and thought leaders from 60 countries.

GLOBE 2016 however, is only a piece (albeit a very large piece), of the story.

With the theme of the 2016 event being Collaborative Innovation, we are walking the talk, inviting numerous partners and stakeholders into the fold we call GLOBE Week, because we know that we cannot solve the climate crisis and the plethora of other environmental and sustainability challenges alone.

The week of February 29 – March 4 is designed to create a week-long cluster of activities complementary to the GLOBE program that will serve to make Vancouver a critical stop on the path to sustainability every two years.  Host to more than 30 affiliate events, from corporate sustainability meetings to workshops and training events, GLOBE Week is THE collaborative space for activities that support the creation of a thriving, low carbon economy.

Come experience the infamous high energy vibe that has defined GLOBE for two decades, and take part in unparalleled networking and a meeting of the minds like no other.  The more minds, the better.  The doors are open – we welcome you to participate in GLOBE Week by hosting your own complementary side events.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in participating in GLOBE week, here are a few ways that you and your colleagues can maximize your organization’s participation:

  1. Host your Sustainability Committee Meeting or AGM during GLOBE Week

    Many organizations have a sustainability committee or board that consists of national or international members. Why not host your meeting during GLOBE Week and provide your team with the ability to both attend your meeting and participate at the GLOBE 2016 Conference and Innovation Expo at the same time? A majority of the international sustainability leaders will be congregating in Vancouver during this week to network, collaborate and partner on global sustainability initiatives.  GLOBE Week is the optimal time to host your meetings and maximize your organization’s engagement around sustainability issues.

    Contact us for help finding a venue, booking a space or for more information.

  2. Schedule your Industry Workshops during GLOBE Week

    Are you looking for a venue or way to host an industry related workshop for your colleagues or members? As many people will be in town during GLOBE 2016 to discuss initiatives occurring across various sectors, hosting your complementary workshop during GLOBE Week can be a great way to leverage your efforts.We’d be happy to discuss options with you.

    For more information, contact us.

  3. Host a Course or Seminar during GLOBE Week

    Do you offer professional development courses, seminars, or training that relates to sustainability? Consider including your sustainability training or seminar programming within GLOBE Week. GLOBE Week provides an ideal platform to introduce sustainability initiatives or courses to individuals new to the sector or looking to upgrade skills.

    We can help you book a space, contact us for more details.

Nancy Wright,
GLOBE Series
Chief Operating Officer

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