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GLOBE 2014

The private sector plays a crucial role in sustainability; it drives the workforce, fuels innovation, and connects economies. More and more governments are today seeing the benefits of organizations reporting on their impacts and implementing sustainable business strategies. That’s why 18,000 companies in the EU may soon be required by the European Commission to disclose sustainability information, and the GSA – the US government’s procurement agency – launched an initiative to drive more sustainable supply chain practices by today’s leading companies. Better manage your corporate risk and get ahead of the curve by finding out how regulators are mandating corporate transparency – and how companies are responding.

Speakers Include:

Simon MacMahonSimon MacMahon, Global Director, Advisory Services,
Sustainalytics, Canada (M)

Mark PearsonMark Pearson, Director General, External Relations,
Strategic Policy Integration, Natural Resources Canada

Nigel ToppingNigel Topping, Executive Director,
CDP, United Kingdom

Nelson SwitzerNelson Switzer, Director & Leader, Sustainable Business Solutions,
Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Canada, Canada

Brenda KennyBrenda Kenny, President & CEO,
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Yolanda BanksYolanda Banks, Senior Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility,
Export Development Canada (EDC)

Tags: Corporate Sustainability / CSR, Transparency, Extractive Industries, Public Policy


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