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GLOBE 2014

Longest Running

The GLOBE Series is the longest running corporate environmental business event in North America. Having been around since 1990, GLOBE is known as the quintessential gathering of global senior business and government representatives who meet to network and to advance the issues at the nexus of global business and sustainability agendas. We were there first, and we will continue to remain at the forefront of sustainable business long into the future.

Fully Integrated

GLOBE is a fully integrated event: it has a comprehensive conference program as well as a world-class technology exposition. Other conferences do not have an exposition of the size or nature of GLOBE (if they have one at all - most do not). Conversely, other large environmental technology trade fairs and expositions do not have a strategic business conference accompanying it. GLOBE is the only combined international environmental business conference and technology exposition of its scale - anywhere.


The GLOBE Conference is strategic in nature, not technical. While some other events have a technical conference with a call for papers attached to a trade fair, the GLOBE Conference has always been about long term business strategy and competitiveness. We develop our own program content and actively seek out the best and most innovative companies in the world to deliver that content.

International Scope

One of GLOBE's biggest strengths and the characteristic that best sets us apart from other events? Massive international scope. Roughly 60 countries take part each event, with more than 20 countries represented in the exposition alone.

Huge Attendance

The durability and value of GLOBE is obvious: even in the economic downturn of 2008/2009, GLOBE 2010 had record levels of participation: the highest number of sponsors to date, the greatest number of international exhibitors in history, and a record number of senior executive participation ? more than 800 Presidents and CEOs. No other international environmental business conference attracts such large numbers of C-Suite-level participation.

Sector Diversity

GLOBE is multi-sectoral by design, because companies in different sectors often face similar challenges. This approach allows un-related companies to learn from one another, find synergies across sectors, build partnerships and to do business together. Other conferences and/or trade fairs that have emerged in the past five years are highly sector-specific with the exclusive focus on water, fuel cells, green building, etc. GLOBE brings all these together under one roof because many companies both procure from and sell into many different types of markets.
From a marketing perspective GLOBE is an excellent investment that can garner your company significant profile:

• Close to $1 million in worldwide promotion go into GLOBE Series events.
• Nearly 200 media organizations from around the world attend.
• Thousands of unique website hits daily; tens of thousands weekly; in the lead up to GLOBE 2014, garnered over 60,000 unique visitors per week.
• Over $400 million worth of business generated on the Exposition floor each event as reported by our exhibitors.
• Association with Fortune 500 companies; opportunities to network directly with senior executives, leaders and decision makers.